We make training convenient with our 1st Quadrant Online Training Software. Create your own customized courses or adapt any of our courses to fit your unique training needs. We empower our clients by giving them control over their online learning environment. Test content knowledge with final exams and practice quizzes after each learning module.

Whether your organization is looking for a cost-efficient way to provide interoffice training without sacrificing time and manpower, requires an effective method for staying legally compliant with laws and regulations, needs to collect survey data, or simply desires to grow through learning, HolisTech is here for you. We can upload your content and make it available online or help you create your own customized course material. Call now to discuss your project!

Currently-offered courses:

  • FERPA for Higher Education:
    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is a federal act that applies to all aspects of the university community.
  • Sexual Harassment
  • The Green Workplace