Founded in 2011 by Jason and Jamie Karcz, Holistic Technology Services, LLC, dba "HolisTech," offers customized online training solutions for businesses and individuals. The company takes a holistic approach to business by creating technical solutions that incorporate the unique needs of the client as a whole while striving to leave a lighter ecological footprint. HolisTech is an independently owned and operated business based in Fort Collins, CO.


HolisTech is built on a solid foundation in both technology and education stemming from academic and professional experience. Owners, Jason and Jamie Karcz, fused their areas of expertise in order to create this online training company. Utilizing his extensive background in computer science, Jason, CTO, developed this unique training software. The versatile functionality of this training platform allows for the creation of any number of courses simply by uploading content. Earning her Master’s Degree in Education, Jamie is able to create quality courses that incorporate learning theories into the delivery of material. She is acting director of the company.